Архивы за месяц January, 2013

Which car to choose - new or used?

Which car to choose – new or used?

The new car has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. First – this is a novelty. You are the first owner of the car, so you can be absolutely sure that it fitted her family brand spare parts, it is completely serviceable and is ready for operation. Acquiring maintained vehicle, certainly do not know what is hidden under the hood actually, and maybe there are some defects in the body. New car in no way could be a member of an accident, so it has (read more…)

Hand washing

Washing “iron horse” manually

Car Wash – a necessary thing. It is simple and does not require special skills. However, the implementation of a number of recommendations will long preserve the body paintwork. While washing cars need to consistently perform the following operations. First, the body is wetted with a gentle stream of water to soften the dirt, and then removed, preferably with a strong jet of water, coarse dirt, impurities containing abrasive particles. More convenient to wash the car with a rubber hose, which has no ferrule. Water (read more…)

Summer tires

In the summer on new tires

Sun gladdens every day warm rays, snow crowd last few piles under the trees in the forest, and the asphalt is already forgotten what snow and ice. We would not think to put this weather winter boots. Time to change the car also served as faithfully winter shoes. Someone from last year remained in the garage is not much battered last year’s tires, and the task in front of someone to go to the store and pick up two new pairs of shoes for four-wheeled (read more…)

Winter tires

It’s time for winter tires

Beginning of winter – the most dangerous time of year the number of road accidents. This stems from the carelessness when changing to winter tires summer. Of course, preparing the car for winter – an expensive and troublesome, but undeniably necessary. Quality “shoes” need “iron horse” no less than a man. Pull up to the first snow at zero temperature is not necessary. Already a mark below 6 degrees is an indication that the time has come pereobuvki. Summer tires harder, so in the cold (read more…)

Car care in winter

Car care in winter

Car care in winter requires all special care rules. Many car owners allow a large number of errors, which further leads to serious problems with the vehicle. This corrosion, and technical failures, and much more. To avoid such situations do not arise, it is necessary to carefully take care of their cars in the winter, especially in cold weather. One of the most sensitive components of the car in the winter is tires. For better traction, but primarily for their own safety, we need snow (read more…)

Choosing a car wash for a car

Choosing a car wash for a car

Every car owner sincerely wishes that his “iron friend” was in technical efficiency as long as possible, as well as to the brilliance of his body, forced to turn around on the sidewalk passers-by. Everyone chooses his own car on the basis of their own capabilities and desires. Similarly, the situation is a problem with the choice of location, and probably not even the place and method of washing the car. Many people prefer to wash their car on their own, and their choice should (read more…)

Automatic car wash

Automatic car wash

Traffic rules prohibit us from getting around by car headlights with heavily contaminated, but in relation to the body no such bans. However, self-respect and concern for the driver’s car paint coating encouraged to use the services car washes. Increase productivity and reduce the time required for a washing machine, uses special equipment. Automatic cleaning according inherent in them doing a program with all the necessary sequence of operations on giving the car the original gloss. Originally body wetted using a frame with spray, and (read more…)