Архивы за месяц March, 2013

Citroen Survolt, Geneva Motor Show

Some tips for car sales

You finally got the opportunity to buy a new car. Would you like to sell your old one? Now we give you a few tips on how to make it right. First you need to prepare thoroughly. Most advantageous to sell the car in the autumn, so many motorists tend to buy cars before the cold weather. Buyer primarily pay attention to appearance. Make sure the body, interior and the engine are in good condition. If everything is OK, then, most likely, not a fussy (read more…)

Conditioner panel

Air conditioner for cars

Virtually all cars produced in Europe, America and the East, equipped with air conditioning. In the heat of summer, when the heat warms your car, do without this device is virtually impossible. Rescue conditioner that helps maintain a certain level of temperature in the cabin. Heir conditioner is a so-called climate control system, which is not much different from its predecessor, although automated. In addition to its main function of dignity, is to maintain a certain level of temperature, air conditioning will extend the life (read more…)