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Citroen Survolt, Geneva Motor Show

Some tips for car sales

You finally got the opportunity to buy a new car. Would you like to sell your old one? Now we give you a few tips on how to make it right. First you need to prepare thoroughly. Most advantageous to sell the car in the autumn, so many motorists tend to buy cars before the cold weather. Buyer primarily pay attention to appearance. Make sure the body, interior and the engine are in good condition. If everything is OK, then, most likely, not a fussy (read more…)

Keys from Bentley

Basic rules for safe use of the car

The main risk for any motorist – is stealing his vehicle or theft of valuables, electronics and other expensive items from the cabin. The most common cause of such cases is insulting and insufficient attention to the irresponsible attitude to the car by its owner. To such excesses did not occur, give you some tips on how to avoid car theft or car theft. Often it happens that the car driver may simply lose the keys, and when he returns to his transport, sees it (read more…)

Preparing for winter

How to prepare your car for winter?

Car preparation for the winter does not require any serious action. It suffices to verify the basic units, additional fill required to perform a series of liquid and some precautions. Inspection and timely service to increase service life of vehicles in the future will save you the cost of repairing expensive parts. How to prepare your car for winter? Running an engine in cold weather require the use of antifreeze. It is poured into the expansion flank up to the “maximum”. In the cold water (read more…)

Low visibility

Driving in conditions of poor visibility

Good visibility on the road – an essential condition for the safe operation of motor vehicles, as ninety percent of the information about what is happening on the road the driver is due to his vision. In case of abrupt changes of lighting conditions, a person needs time for recovery of his eyes. Not necessarily be the driver that would understand how frustrating night has eyes bright flash beam. Unexpected activation headlights of an oncoming car can blind the driver for a while. The process (read more…)

Which car to choose - new or used?

Which car to choose – new or used?

The new car has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. First – this is a novelty. You are the first owner of the car, so you can be absolutely sure that it fitted her family brand spare parts, it is completely serviceable and is ready for operation. Acquiring maintained vehicle, certainly do not know what is hidden under the hood actually, and maybe there are some defects in the body. New car in no way could be a member of an accident, so it has (read more…)

How to reduce fuel consumption?

How to reduce fuel consumption?

Certainly, any motorist could be in such an unpleasant situation, when gasoline is virtually zero, and the nearest gas station is far away. At this point in my head there are thoughts, how to reduce the consumption of gasoline to get to the first self-filling. Whereby the spent fuel? Well, most importantly, most of it goes into heating, energy change and overcoming various forces. Part of the fuel goes to the end without burning. Therefore, the efficiency of the internal combustion engine is not very (read more…)

How to choose the first car?

How to choose the first car?

To date, cars – is primarily a comfortable mode of transport. Even then it is a luxury and a means for entertainment. Now this form of transport is quite real for most people in Russia. Availability of transport associated with lending banks and other financial institutions on the one hand, and on the other – a large number of supported cars in the auto market. But you are just a beginner in this field, that’s just got his driver’s license. How will your first car? (read more…)