Washing “iron horse” manually

Car Wash – a necessary thing. It is simple and does not require special skills. However, the implementation of a number of recommendations will long preserve the body paintwork.

While washing cars need to consistently perform the following operations.

Hand washing

Hand washing

First, the body is wetted with a gentle stream of water to soften the dirt, and then removed, preferably with a strong jet of water, coarse dirt, impurities containing abrasive particles. More convenient to wash the car with a rubber hose, which has no ferrule. Water jet for cleaning the bottom should be more powerful than the body and glass.

Save power washing machine regularly after a trip, catching the moment when the mud is still wet and not ingrained in the carpet. Before the procedure, be sure to give the hood to cool in order to avoid the formation of microcracks on the heated metal contact with cold water. Temperature difference between surface water and cars should not exceed 15-20 degrees.

Second, using a brush or sponge and a detergent composition with a body surface cleaned all sorts of film and fatty deposits. Do not use common household cleaners! Special car shampoos using surfactants in liquid, powder or paste created precisely in order to avoid the corrosive influence and effectively clean oily dirt road.

Mud washed sequentially, starting with the roof. Keep the body surface was wet all the time. Dried streaks and clots of foam chemistry difficult to remove even brush the surface.

Hand washing

Hand washing

Third, the body is rinsed with clean water. The water pressure should be low to form when washing cars, shampoo protective wax film remained not destroyed.

Fourth, the removal of water. Moisture should go as a body, and of larvae with door locks and rubber seals. Here efficiently use natural or synthetic suede. It perfectly absorbs moisture and votret raspoliruet and car wax on the surface. Suede can be a substitute for the old towel.

Last – if necessary, refresh the coating reducing color mask the special paste minor scratches, remove oxidation, which is a rough coat of paint, and finally cover the wax polish. Signal that the prophylactic treatment of body time to carry out, is moisture on the body, no longer collected in drops.