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Preparing for winter

How to prepare your car for winter?

Car preparation for the winter does not require any serious action. It suffices to verify the basic units, additional fill required to perform a series of liquid and some precautions. Inspection and timely service to increase service life of vehicles in the future will save you the cost of repairing expensive parts. How to prepare your car for winter? Running an engine in cold weather require the use of antifreeze. It is poured into the expansion flank up to the “maximum”. In the cold water (read more…)

Car care in winter

Car care in winter

Car care in winter requires all special care rules. Many car owners allow a large number of errors, which further leads to serious problems with the vehicle. This corrosion, and technical failures, and much more. To avoid such situations do not arise, it is necessary to carefully take care of their cars in the winter, especially in cold weather. One of the most sensitive components of the car in the winter is tires. For better traction, but primarily for their own safety, we need snow (read more…)