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Summer tires

In the summer on new tires

Sun gladdens every day warm rays, snow crowd last few piles under the trees in the forest, and the asphalt is already forgotten what snow and ice. We would not think to put this weather winter boots. Time to change the car also served as faithfully winter shoes. Someone from last year remained in the garage is not much battered last year’s tires, and the task in front of someone to go to the store and pick up two new pairs of shoes for four-wheeled (read more…)

Winter tires

It’s time for winter tires

Beginning of winter – the most dangerous time of year the number of road accidents. This stems from the carelessness when changing to winter tires summer. Of course, preparing the car for winter – an expensive and troublesome, but undeniably necessary. Quality “shoes” need “iron horse” no less than a man. Pull up to the first snow at zero temperature is not necessary. Already a mark below 6 degrees is an indication that the time has come pereobuvki. Summer tires harder, so in the cold (read more…)