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Hand washing

Washing “iron horse” manually

Car Wash – a necessary thing. It is simple and does not require special skills. However, the implementation of a number of recommendations will long preserve the body paintwork. While washing cars need to consistently perform the following operations. First, the body is wetted with a gentle stream of water to soften the dirt, and then removed, preferably with a strong jet of water, coarse dirt, impurities containing abrasive particles. More convenient to wash the car with a rubber hose, which has no ferrule. Water (read more…)

Car Tuning Carboniferous

Car tuning carboniferous

Exquisite appearance, reduced overall weight and increased strength of parts – that’s the tangible benefits of carbon fiber. The material does not undergo any chemical reactions and can withstand the melting temperature to 1600 degrees Celsius. Thanks to these remarkable properties of carbon gained popularity among fans of tuning cars. This material is widely used in the manufacture of hoods and body kit items such as front and rear bumpers, fenders, spoilers, side skirts, mirror housings and other things. In addition to external tuning, carbon (read more…)