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Tire selection

Tire choice begins with marking

When we go into a shop tire first with what we decide on, it is their size and characteristics. Of course, tread pattern and trademark are of great importance, but it is the correct reading of the marking will solve the problem, what we need to choose the tires of all the huge assortment seller. Exactly the markings on the side surface of each tire, we will consider. Determine which season tires we need. The choice to tread there summer, winter and all season.

Save on tires

Save on tires

Do not be mistaken if I say that for every motorist tires are one of the top articles of the costs of operating a car. Buy tires come with enviable regularity and wallet here willy-nilly had to endure all the blows. Extra money does not happen, so whether to reduce their already limited amount? Uniting together expertise from motorists and rationally approach the process of buying tires. Size Matters For each car manufacturer gives its recommendations on permissible size of tires. They should not be (read more…)