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Which car to choose - new or used?

Which car to choose – new or used?

The new car has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. First – this is a novelty. You are the first owner of the car, so you can be absolutely sure that it fitted her family brand spare parts, it is completely serviceable and is ready for operation. Acquiring maintained vehicle, certainly do not know what is hidden under the hood actually, and maybe there are some defects in the body. New car in no way could be a member of an accident, so it has (read more…)

Winter tires

It’s time for winter tires

Beginning of winter – the most dangerous time of year the number of road accidents. This stems from the carelessness when changing to winter tires summer. Of course, preparing the car for winter – an expensive and troublesome, but undeniably necessary. Quality “shoes” need “iron horse” no less than a man. Pull up to the first snow at zero temperature is not necessary. Already a mark below 6 degrees is an indication that the time has come pereobuvki. Summer tires harder, so in the cold (read more…)