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Summer tire - Bridgestone Turanza ER30

Differences summer tires from winter

For novice motorist quick look at winter and summer tires do not show a big difference – the difference in price can only delay consideration. You can cite the example of one year old child, is equally enthusiastic dressing for a walk boots and sandals. However, between these two categories is a huge difference in the use of modern high technologies. The correct choice and timely replacement of tires depends on your safety and ease of driving. Winter and summer – two different seasons with (read more…)

Automatic car wash

Automatic car wash

Traffic rules prohibit us from getting around by car headlights with heavily contaminated, but in relation to the body no such bans. However, self-respect and concern for the driver’s car paint coating encouraged to use the services car washes. Increase productivity and reduce the time required for a washing machine, uses special equipment. Automatic cleaning according inherent in them doing a program with all the necessary sequence of operations on giving the car the original gloss. Originally body wetted using a frame with spray, and (read more…)

Care brakes

Caring for your car’s brake system

Brakes are one of the main functions of any vehicle. They do not last forever, but for a long time to maintain their functionality behind them requires a valid and timely care. Brake unit fault – a serious problem. In this article we want to give you basic tips on proper care of the brakes in order to avoid many of the problems that may arise due to ignoring some malfunctions of brake system of your car. Thus, in case of any, even minor noise, (read more…)