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Washing in winter

Winter – no reason to go on a dirty car

As, perhaps, it would be great to ride every day for smooth, radiant immaculate cleanliness road. Alas, such a road surface can only dream of, and have to maintain the car in the cruel reality. Dirt we lack not only in summer but also in winter. Snow, sprinkled liberally travel agents, salt, sand, active forms a layer of dirt on the machine that causes damage to the paintwork. As a result, local pollution can change color or appear milky spots. Concern for the health of (read more…)

Washing for the money

Washing for the money

They say cleanliness – the guarantee of health, and not only rights, but also the car. Of course, the car does not require sterile purity, but requires periodic cleaning. You say that your car after the “iron horse” looks perfect, but whether it there and wash as to whether it was time to change the station maintenance. So wash your car or not? Needless to sit nicely in the clean car, when you touch that you do not izmazhete clothes shine polished before passers-by and (read more…)