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Wash without water

Wash a car without water

Today we can distinguish three kinds of washing: touchless carwash with active pen, traditional hand using ordinary shampoo, dry cleaning using suhomoya without water. The first two methods are widely known. Car qualitatively cleans and cares for the LPC, but also gets good marks from his pocket money motorist. Hand washing is almost free, but can badly affect the paintwork “iron friend”. Here comes into play, perhaps the best option – dry cleaning. No water, buckets and hoses. Yes rag and bottle with suhomoem. The (read more…)

Polishing a car

Polishing a car

Currently, there are only two types of polishing the car. This regenerative and protective polish with a number of features by which they are qualitatively different. To make the body of the car its original form it is necessary to use replacement polishing. It allows you to eliminate the effects of the action of the environment on the car. This action of snow, rain, UV rays affecting the paintwork of cars. Restorative polishing allows you to remove, such as scratches and various clobbered on the (read more…)