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Care brakes

Caring for your car’s brake system

Brakes are one of the main functions of any vehicle. They do not last forever, but for a long time to maintain their functionality behind them requires a valid and timely care. Brake unit fault – a serious problem. In this article we want to give you basic tips on proper care of the brakes in order to avoid many of the problems that may arise due to ignoring some malfunctions of brake system of your car. Thus, in case of any, even minor noise, (read more…)

Car washing

Car washing

Car Wash is important not only for appearance, although it is also important. Because, first, on clean car is always pleasant to watch. And secondly, your clothes are preserved from dust and dirt on contact to the vehicle. But the main purpose of cleaning is what it is. Accumulated dirt slowly absorbs water and can not long retain it. Drying time is greatly increased while, and thus, increases the duration of the harmful effect on a body of water. This accelerates the corrosion and as (read more…)