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Summer tire - Bridgestone Turanza ER30

Differences summer tires from winter

For novice motorist quick look at winter and summer tires do not show a big difference – the difference in price can only delay consideration. You can cite the example of one year old child, is equally enthusiastic dressing for a walk boots and sandals. However, between these two categories is a huge difference in the use of modern high technologies. The correct choice and timely replacement of tires depends on your safety and ease of driving. Winter and summer – two different seasons with (read more…)

Hand washing

Washing “iron horse” manually

Car Wash – a necessary thing. It is simple and does not require special skills. However, the implementation of a number of recommendations will long preserve the body paintwork. While washing cars need to consistently perform the following operations. First, the body is wetted with a gentle stream of water to soften the dirt, and then removed, preferably with a strong jet of water, coarse dirt, impurities containing abrasive particles. More convenient to wash the car with a rubber hose, which has no ferrule. Water (read more…)

Car washing

Car washing

Car Wash is important not only for appearance, although it is also important. Because, first, on clean car is always pleasant to watch. And secondly, your clothes are preserved from dust and dirt on contact to the vehicle. But the main purpose of cleaning is what it is. Accumulated dirt slowly absorbs water and can not long retain it. Drying time is greatly increased while, and thus, increases the duration of the harmful effect on a body of water. This accelerates the corrosion and as (read more…)