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Cosmetics for cars

Cosmetics for cars

In our time, the car stopped just long way to travel. It encompasses much more than a mechanism that allows us to travel long distances. Car – a means for self-expression, in order to demonstrate their social status. Someone liking the Russian car industry, and someone like Japanese or European cars. Whichever country of issue was not the machine, it calls for a careful maintenance. It is not only the technical component, but also appearance. That looks like a car can say about the host (read more…)

Hand washing

Washing “iron horse” manually

Car Wash – a necessary thing. It is simple and does not require special skills. However, the implementation of a number of recommendations will long preserve the body paintwork. While washing cars need to consistently perform the following operations. First, the body is wetted with a gentle stream of water to soften the dirt, and then removed, preferably with a strong jet of water, coarse dirt, impurities containing abrasive particles. More convenient to wash the car with a rubber hose, which has no ferrule. Water (read more…)