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Conditioner panel

Air conditioner for cars

Virtually all cars produced in Europe, America and the East, equipped with air conditioning. In the heat of summer, when the heat warms your car, do without this device is virtually impossible. Rescue conditioner that helps maintain a certain level of temperature in the cabin. Heir conditioner is a so-called climate control system, which is not much different from its predecessor, although automated. In addition to its main function of dignity, is to maintain a certain level of temperature, air conditioning will extend the life (read more…)

How to reduce fuel consumption?

How to reduce fuel consumption?

Certainly, any motorist could be in such an unpleasant situation, when gasoline is virtually zero, and the nearest gas station is far away. At this point in my head there are thoughts, how to reduce the consumption of gasoline to get to the first self-filling. Whereby the spent fuel? Well, most importantly, most of it goes into heating, energy change and overcoming various forces. Part of the fuel goes to the end without burning. Therefore, the efficiency of the internal combustion engine is not very (read more…)