Tire choice begins with marking

When we go into a shop tire first with what we decide on, it is their size and characteristics. Of course, tread pattern and trademark are of great importance, but it is the correct reading of the marking will solve the problem, what we need to choose the tires of all the huge assortment seller. Exactly the markings on the side surface of each tire, we will consider.

Tire selection

Tire selection

Determine which season tires we need. The choice to tread there summer, winter and all season.

Summer tires wear-resistant, their protector has deep grooves and lateral grooves for water drainage, they behave perfectly on the asphalt at high temperatures. Referred to as an umbrella and words Aqua, Aquacontact, Aquatred, Rain, Water.

Winter tires are ideal for snow and ice at temperatures below 5 degrees. Figure their protector clear and close. Snowflake or a designated marker Winter.

All season tires justify their name and show themselves equally well on wet and dry roads, can also be used in winter at near-zero temperatures. For heat and frost, such tires are not designed for. They can be called “demi-season”. Legend AGT season tires (All Grip Traction), All Season, Any Season, AS (All Season), AW (Any Weather), R+W (Road+Winter), tous terrain.

Next, decide on a manufacturer. There are plenty of Russian and foreign brands that differ in price, quality and its fame. Better known to prefer foreign brands, where high quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer, but it’s really up to you and your wallet.

Your car requires certain specific tire manufacturer sizes are allowed only minor variations. Format size is XXX/YY-ZZ, where XXX – width, mm; YY – the percentage of the height dimension tire to its width; ZZ – landing size in inches.

Tire selection

Tire selection

After reaching the size of the figure within the 99 and the Latin letter, for example 82N – is the load index and speed index of the tires.

TL and combinations of letters TT indicate the use of the tire chamber in the first case, and no operation in the second chambers. Four consecutive numbers indicate the week and year or two digits of the year of manufacture.

Knowing all the information on the labeling, you can choose a bus alone or in consultation with the seller to talk to him in the same language.